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ImagePrinter Pro 6.3

Convert printable documents between different formats

Perform conversion operations for simplified printing tasks. Work with documents in formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PDF, SWF, RTF, TIFF, XLS, HTML or DjVu. Specify the filename or keep the original one, add a custom number to the first page, etc.

ImagePrinter Pro allows you to convert any printable file into an image file or document in multiple formats. Namely, the program supports converting files into JPEG, JP2, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, SWF (Shockwave Flash), RTF, DjVu, XLS (Microsoft Excel) and HTML formats. To do so, you just need to open your file and print it using the virtual printer the program installs on your system. However, you also have a standalone configuration window where you can adjust the default output format and the default parameters for each supported one.

Undoubtedly, JPEG is one of the most widely used image formats and you can set its quality percentage (from 1 to 100) and the color scheme (grayscale or true color). However, for other image formats like BMP, PNG and GIF, you can set the color scheme among additional values like monochrome, 256 colors, grayscale and true color, but of course you cannot adjust the output quality. Other image formats, like TIFF, allow you to set parameters like the compression method and whether to produce a multipage image or not.

As for the document formats, PDF is probably the most used one at the moment. For PDF, the program allows you to configure the already mentioned quality percentage and color scheme, but in addition you can encrypt and password-protect the resulting file, being you able to configure the user/owner passwords and the actions that will be allowed like printing the document, copying its text/graphics, modifying it, filling its forms and others. Its worth mentioning that the program provides a high encryption level at 128 bits. Except for this security feature, the rest of the supported formats provide more or less the same configuration parameters mentioned above.

Anyway, ImagePrinter Pro not only allows you to configure the output format and its specific parameters, but offers you many additional features. For example, you can resize, crop, rotate and/or flip your resulting images, add text and image watermarks to them, and apply countless filters to them like antialiasing, light, noise, gamma, jitter, contour, textblur, edge, repair and many more. Some of them require providing numeric values and some don't.

To top it all off, the program offers you some optional post-processing actions for your resulting documents: e-mail, TCP delivery, FTP(S) delivery and HTTP(S) delivery. While the e-mail option allows you either to use your default e-mail client or a specific SMTP server, the TCP delivery option requires you to provide the server's address and port. For the FTP(S) option you need to provide the server's address and port, the username and password, and destination folder; and finally, for the HTTP(S) option you can simply provide the remote URL.

To sum it all up, ImagePrinter Pro is a simple, lightweight and powerful tool that allows you to convert files among multiple widely-used image and document formats. The program can perfectly be considered a document converter, an image converter, a PDF printer and even a basic image editor. The only drawback I can mention for this tool is that its visual design is too dull and little attractive and thus, it could be widely improved.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Converts any printable file into multiple image and document formats
  • Installs a virtual printer on your system
  • Creates encrypted and password-protected PDF files
  • Applies some extra filters and effects to your resulting files
  • Offers four post-processing actions for your resulting files


  • Has a dull and little attractive interface
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